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"The International Book-music" ltd. (Moscow)
"Antology of Belarussian Classical Music"
genre: classical music
bearer: CD
The date of release: 01.06.2005


1. Oleg Khodosko: Symphony no 4 "The white Rus" (Antiremix) (Listen)
2. Victor Voitik: Symphony suite "The Funs", part 3 "The round dance'  (Listen)
3. part 4. "Christmas Carol Singers" (Listen)
4. Dmitri Smolsky: "Symphonic Variations" (Listen)
5. Andrei Mdivani "Ostinato", Concert piece for symphony orchestra (Listen)
6. Yuri Semeniako: Aria of Svetlana from opera "The  Thorny Rose" (Listen)
7.Sergei Kortes: Overture to the Spanish comedy (Listen)
8. Eugene Glebov: adajio of Rose and the Little Prince from the "The Little Prince"  (Listen)
9. Anatoly Bogatyrev: Nina's Waltz from music to drama "The Masquerade" by M. Lermontov (Listen)

1. Andrei Mdivani: Symphony No 6 "The Polotsk Manuscripts", part 1 "Images" (Listen)
2. Vladimir Babkov: Symphony No 1, part 2 (Listen)
3. part 3 (Listen)
4. Galina Gorelova: Concert for Oboe and Strings, part 3 "The Catch-phrases" (Listen)
5. Eugene Poplavsky: "Dea Luna" (Listen)
6. Vyacheslav Kuznetsov:Adagio from the Imaginary Ballet (Listen)
7. Igor Luchenok: Ave Maria (Listen)
8. Vladimir Soltan: Concert Waltz for Symphony Orchestra (Listen)

In your hands you have the CD "Antology of Belarussian Classical Music". It appeared on the basis of the recording from two concerts which took place in Moscow (2002) during the International Musical Festival "The Gift to Saint-Petersburg to it's 300th anniversary". These concert were organized in common with The Union of Belarussian Composers. There took part the State Symphonic orchestra of the Radio and Television of Russia, directed by a very talented belarussian conductor Mikhail Snitko. 

"Antology" is a kind of "historical concert" in miniature, were there were presented works of different composers, of different generations. In this musical polyphony you can hear "The song about Belarus". It is the song about native land, with the blue eyes-lakes, puschas and oak-grooves, the song about the history of the country, the spiritual strenght and beauty of our contemporary.


"The International Book-music" ltd. (Moscow)
S. Taneev: Symphony in C minor, Op.12
A. Skriabin: Piano concerto, Op 20
Andrei Korobeinikov (piano)
Academic Symphony Orchestera of St. Petersburg Philarmony
Conductor: Mikhail Snitko
genre: classical music
bearer: CD
The date of release:  02.04.2007

S. Taneev: Symphony in C minor, Op.12
1.Allegro molto (listen)
2. Adagio (listen)
3. Scherzo.Vivace (listen)
4.Finale.Allegro energico (listen)

A. Skriabin: Piano concerto, Op 20
5. Allegro (listen)
6. Andante  (listen)
7. Allegro moderato  (listen)

 The CD offered to you was recorded in the philarmonic hall of Saint-Petersburgwere a very succesfull concert of very talented performers took place. They were a laureate  of numerous international concerts, the pianist Andrey Korobeinikov and the conductor Mikhail Snitko, who directed brilliantly the Academic Symphonic orchestra of this philarmony.

It is already the second CD of this extraodinary conductor, presented in the catalogue "The International Book Music". The first issue of the "Antology of Belarussian classiacal music" reserved high appreciation of the audience and the press.  


Михаил Снитко дирижирует
Академическим симфоническим оркестром Санкт-Петербургской филармонии.

A. Liadov. Baba-Yaga. Op. 56. (listen)

A. Liadov.  The enchanted lake. Op. 62 (listen)


V. A. Mozart - Requiem (video)
(Belarussian State Academic Symphonic Orchestra,
Belarussian State Academic choral capel by G. Shirma)


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