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"Mikhail Snitko is a highly professional, to a great extent gifted, the most promising conductor of his generation. He has a perfect command of the conducting techniques and emotionally-riched expressive gesture that is remarkable for its deep and sophisticated sense of musical dramatic art…"

Gennady Rozhdestvensky

Mikhail SNITKO was born in Belarus. He was taught conducting art by the outstanding masters recognized all over the world.

Graduated from Moscow State Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky, as well as from Belarusian State Music Academy (with the specialization "opera-symphonic conducting art") in the group taught by the National artist of Russia, Professor Gennady Provatorov. Improved his professional skills through the internships in St.-Petersburg Conservatory in the group taught by the National artist of Russia, Professor Ilia Musin and in Russian State Academic Great Theatre as a band-master. Mikhail Snitko went down with honours from the post-graduate course in Moscow Conservatory in the group taught by the People's artist of the USSR, Professor Gennady Rozhdestvensky.

Mr. Snitko worked as a conductor in the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of the Republic of Belarus, as the chief conductor in Brest Philharmonic Orchestra. Cooperated with a number of orchestra teams, including Academic Philharmonic Orchestra of St.-Petersburg Philharmonic Society, Moscow Sympony Orchestra, Ulyanovsk Governor's Symphony Orchestra, Karelia State Philharmonia Symphony Orchestra, Academic Symphony Orchestra of Nizhni Novgorod Philharmonia, The Samara Philharmonic Symhony Orchestra, Voronezh Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Togliatti Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra of the National State TV & Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus, State Orchestra of Broadcasting and TV of  Russia, Russian National Orchestra.

Mikhail Snitko's repertoire is broad and diverse, includes works by Western, Russian, and Belarusian composers. In the range of his repertoire there are such masterpieces of great masters as Beethoven's 5th and 9th symphonies, Tchaikovsky's 5th and 6th symphonies, Taneev C minor symphony, Shostakovich's 5-th symphony, Symphonic Dancing by Rakhmaninov, "Karmina Burana" by K. Orf, Mozart's Requiem and Verdi's Requiem, "Sacred Spring" by Stravinsky.

Together with the team of the State Academic Philharmonic Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, which the conductor is in employment with at the moment, a range of the demonstrative concert programs has been worked up. Among them especially notable are premiere performances in Belarus of the works of the outstanding contemporary composer Schedrin (the symphonic etudes "Dialogues with Shostakovich", the concert for orchestra ¹3 "The Ancient Music of Provincial Russian Circuses", "Two Tango by Albeniz", "The Concert for Trumpet With Orchestra". New production of the opera "Boyarynia Morosova" is being trained.

Famous contemporary musicians participate in Mr. Snitko's concert programs: Honored artist of The Russian Federation Elena Revich (violin, Moscow), All-Russian contest's laureate Igor Sharapov (trumpet, St. - Petersburg), International contest's laureate Francois Shaplen (piano, France), International contest's laureates Victoria Ivanova, Sergei Basukinsky (Russia), Jana Belianchikova (USA), laureate of many International contests' Andrei Korobeinikov (piano, Moscow), and other.

The conductor Mikhail Snitko takes an active part in international festivals, among which are "January musical soiree" (Brest, 1998), "The Present to the three-hundredth anniversary of St. Petersburg" (Moscow, 2002), "Musical Autumn in Taliatti - 2004". The concerts at the philharmonic season tickets "New Names" (St.-Petersburg Academic Philharmonic Society named after Shostakovich, season 2005-2006), at "The Contemporary Conducting Art" (Samara State Philharmonic Society, season 2006-2007), at "The Summer Ballet Seasons" (Moscow - 2006, where Tchaikovsky's "The Swan Lake", Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliette", Adan's "Zhizel", as well as some others were performed) were a great success.

A special place in Mr. Snitko's creative work takes his close cooperation with the publishing house "International Music Book". A range of different projects has been worked up together with this publishing house: "The Anthology of The Belarusian Classical Music", 2 CDs (2005); the CD "Taneev: "C minor Symphony", work 12; Skriabin: "The Concert for Piano with Orchestra", work 20" (2006); the release of the DVD with the record of the concert devoted to the symphonic music "Beethoven, Schedrin, Tchaikovsky" is being prepared (May 27, 2007).

The conductor gives a lot of performances on a tour abroad (in Spain, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and France).

 "A perfect command of the conducting technique and the deepest penetration into the essence of the music distinguish Mr. Snitko, both as a musician, and a performer…"

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